12 Best Cold Plunge Tubs of 2024: Recover with The Best

I get it – cold plunge tubs can cost a pretty penny. You’re probably wondering if it’s really worth investing on what can seem like a fancy tub of cold water. Believe me, I had questions too.

From personal experience-  it can be worth it. Key words: can be. Not all cold tubs are created equal, my friends.

Wether you’ve already committed to cold plunges and are ready to reap the benefits of cold water,  or your are still a cold therapy doubter- you are in the right place.

After thorough research, I’ve found (as objectively as I can) the top cold plunge tubs of 2024.

With various price ranges, needs, and preferences taken into consideration.

Enough babbling, keep reading to find your ideal cold plunge tub.  

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The Best Cold Plunge Tubs: Overview 

1. Best Set Up and Temperature Control Edge Tub Elite Cold Plunge Tub

2. Best Affordable+ Pod-Style tub- Contrast Plunge

3. Best VerticalNordic’s Viking Cold Plunge Tub

4. Best for Home Sauna and GymBlue Cube CoreChill Cold Plunge Tub

5. Best Portable and InflatableInergize Cold Plunge Tub 

6. Best CustomizableRenu’s Cold Stoic 2.0 Cold Plunge Tub

7. Best ProThe Cold Plunge Cold Plunge Tub

8. Best for Dual UseDual Odin Ice Bath

9. Best Inflatable Runner UpPolar Monkey Inflatable

10. Best Multi-UseForest Cooperage Cedar Soak Tub

11. Best for Small SpacesAlaskan Yukon Cold Plunge Tub

12. Best For Tall Users- The Plunge Pro XL

What is The Difference Between a Cold Plunge Tub and An Ice Bath Tub?

I’ve been seeing lots of reviews on the best “cold plunge tubs” and then, I get shown a list of ice barrels. 

So I want to define what I mean when I say “cold plunge”.

Cold plunge tub or ice bathtub? What’s the difference? How do you choose?

I’ll be honest, you can experience the benefits of cold immersion with both, but there are a few key differences. 

Here they are: 

Ice Bath Tub: 


  • Cheaper
  • Usually Light-weight



  • Can’t control the temperature
  • Have to fill the tub with water and ice every single time
  • Having to buy lots of ice 
  • Usually less comfortable 
Black ice barrel
Credit to: Icebarrel.com

Cold Plunge Tub:


  • Doesn’t require ice 
  • Automatically chilled
  • Advanced technology for an optimized experience 
  • Water temperature can be controlled easily


  • Pricier upfront (But don’t have to constantly be buying bags of ice)
  • Requires electricity
  • Usually bigger in size
Alaskan Wooden Cold plunge tub
Credit to: Redwoodoutdoors.com

What Are The Best Cold Plunge Tubs of 2023?

1. Edge Tub Elite Cold Plunge Tub – Best Set Up and Temperature Control

edge cold plunge

The Specifics:

  • Dimensions – 63” L x 35.4” W x 25” H
  • Price – $5,490
  • Shipping time – 6-8 weeks
  • Warranty – 1 Year 
  • Coldest Temperature- 37°F
  • Get $150 off = SOPHIV


  • Self-cleaning
  • Has a payment plan 
  • Control the temperature from your phone. Can go from 37 degrees and heats it to 105 degrees in less 3 hours
  • 15 minute set up
  • Can fold and fit into a backpack
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Commercial and personal use options are available



  • 1-year warranty (Short compared to other brands)

My Thoughts:

If you are looking for the best overall home cold plunge that won’t break the bank, this tub is a great option for you!

Ok, that kind of sounds like a commercial, but seriously.

First, I love that you can pay in monthly installments (doesn’t hurt the bank as much that way).

It’s an extremely spacious 53.3” L x 31.5” W x 24” H tub, giving you plenty of room to fully submerge yourself- no matter how tall you are. 

The real game-changer (for me) here is the temperature range, literally from 37 degrees fahrenheit to 105 degrees fahrenheit…Within 3 hours!

If that wasn’t cool enough, it’s all controlled through your phone

Yup, you read that right.

As someone who loves traveling I appreciated that in a mere 15 minutes, the Edge Tub is inflated and ready for use. And the cherry on top? You can pack it up in your bag and take it with you anywhere.

Now, I have to admit, the one-year limited warranty might be a tad disappointing. However, considering the affordable price point, the amazing benefits it has, and the fact that they are known for their outstanding customer service, I wouldn’t consider it a deal breaker.

So, if you’re looking for a tub that cleans requires zero plumbing, can be a hot tub or cold bath tub, isn’t the price of a used car, the Edge Tub is a great choice for you! 

2. Contrast Plunge – Most Affordable/Pod style

Contrast, white cold plunge tub
Credit: Contrastwellness.com

The Specifics:

  • Dimensions- 31” L x 31” W x 31” H
  • Price -$2,999.00
  • Shipping time – 6-8 weeks 
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Coldest temperature – 37 degrees fahrenheit
  • Electrical Requirements: Uses Regular 110v Outlet


  • Comes With Pump, Carrying Bag, Cover, Tub, And Water Chiller
  • Chlorine Free UV Filtration
  • Simple plug-and-play setup
  • You can literally pack it into a duffel bag
  • For both indoor/outdoor
  • Easily fit up to 6’5” 250 lbs individual
  • 30-day money-back guarantee



  • 1-year warranty

My Thoughts:

This is one of my top three choices (and the most affordable). If it was my first time purchasing a tub , this would be my personal pick.

I love the simplicity this plunge tub brings.  Due to the hassle-free, plug-and-plunge installation- it takes less than 15 minutes to set up. 

When you’re done using the tub, simply pack it up into a duffel bag for easy portability, perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

The Contrast Plunge is designed to cater to everyone. So, if you happen to be 6’5″ tall and weigh 250 lbs, you can still enjoy this plunge tub!

Compact, but not compromising on quality – the dimensions of 31″ L x 31″ W x 31″ H perfectly balances functionality with space-saving design.

This tub comes with a pump, carrying bag, cover, tub, and water chiller – all this at such affordable price, making the “Contrast Plunge” the smart choice for those seeking a cost-effective option.

Whether you have limited space or just prefer a straightforward solution, the Contrast Plunge is perfect for small spaces. 

3. Nordic’s Viking Cold Plunge Tub– Best Vertical Standing Ice Barrel

Woman in fitness wear going into gray cold plunge
Credit: Thenordicwave.com

The Specifics:

  • Dimensions –  36″ L x30″ W x41″ H
  • Price – $5,999.00
  • Shipping time – 3-4 weeks (Free US shipping)
  • Warranty – 2-5 Years (Model-Dependant)
  • Oldest Temperature- High 30s
  • Electrical Requirements: Standard wall outlet (120V).


  • Offer payment plans 
  • Vertical standing
  • Fits in small spaces
  • Aesthetic design
  • Includes chiller system, cover, step-stool, 10′ power chord



  • Empty tub: 60lbs + Chiller 55lbs (Not the best portable option)

My Thoughts:

The Viking Cold Plunge is a solid and efficient cold plunge solution. Offering dimensions of 36″ L x 30″ W x 41″ H, this plunge tub provides ample space for a comfortable experience.

With its vertical standing, this bathtub is designed to fit well in smaller spaces without compromising on functionality or aesthetics. Its elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to your surroundings, not making it look tacky when used indoors

While the Viking Cold Plunge brings various benefits, it’s essential to be aware of its weight, with the tub at 60 lbs and the chiller at 55 lbs, making it not the best portable cold plunge tub on the market.

Backed by a warranty ranging from 2 to 5 years (depending on the model), your investment is protected- which anyone can appreciate.

This is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient cold plunge that not only fits in smaller spaces but still looks aesthetically pleasing.

4. CoreChill Best for Home Sauna and Gym 

Blue cube ice bath

When it comes to a luxury ice bath experience, reaping the best cold water immersion therapy benefits, the amazing water temperature range, and all the features Blue Cube offers making it one of the best luxury cold plunges, in my opinion.

The Specifics:

  • Dimensions for tub – 60″ x 24″ x 22″
  • Dimensions for frame – 92.5″ x 39″ x 29″
  • Price – $17,999.99
  • Shipping time – 3-4 weeks (Free US shipping)
  • Warranty – 5-year warranty on frame only
  • Coldest Temperature – 36°F
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 V 20 Amp GFCI Dedicated Outlet


  • Easy maintenance (ozone sanitization system)
  • Video support
  • Spa Cover Included (3-year warranty)
  • Pre-assembled and custom-made
  • Easy-to-use drainage system
  • Includes insulated cover
  • Made in the USA
  • Payment plan offered
  • Personal, family, and small community use
  • Up to 35 continuous ice baths
  • Can be used both both indoors and outdoors
  • Weatherproof Frame
  • 3 Setting Jet Pumps



  • Requires 120 V 20 AMP dedicated electric line
  • Not portable
  • Pricey 

My Thoughts:

The BlueCube Mini-Me Cold Plunge is one of the higher-end and best-designed cold plunge tubs. This plunge tub is an investment, but you get your money’s worth!

They are individually crafted with attention to detail in the USA, this free-standing tub stands tall at 48″ L x 24″ W x 22″ H, providing ample space for your cold plunge.

Designed with your convenience in mind, the BlueCube Core-Chill comes pre-assembled and custom-made, saving you time and effort during setup.  Although you can use it outside, this is one of the cold plunge tubs for indoor. Perfectly suited for spas and home gyms.

Cooling capabilities ranging from 36 degrees fahrenheit to 70 degrees fahrenheit ensure you find the temperature to suit your preferences. 

Thanks to the user-friendly drainage system, emptying the tub is also extremely easy. The insulated cover seal keeps the water at a cold temperature for a long time, which we can appreciate (up to 35 continuous ice baths).

I love that it caters to personal, family, and small community use. Although his tub is an investment, you definitely get what you pay for!

If you are interested in higher-end cold plunge tubs, quality materials, and overall an optimized and luxurious experience, you may want to give this tub a look. At least it is backed by a 3-5-year warranty that protects your purchase for years to come.

Man sustaining himself on white col plunge tub
Credit: Inergizehealth.com

5. Inergize Cold Plunge Tub -Best Portable and Inflatable Cold Plunge Tub

The Specifics:

  • Dimensions for the tub – 51” L x 28” Wx 30” H
  • Price -$4,790
  • Shipping time – 3-4 weeks (Free US shipping)
  • Warranty – 1 Year warranty
  • Coldest temperature – 37 °F
  • Electrical Requirements: grounded 120V/60 HZ power supply on 15A circuit


  • Comes with: Inergize Cold Plunge Tub, Duffle Carry Bag Quick Connect Hoses Top Cover, and Action Hand Pump
  • 15-min inflatable setup
  • App controlled
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Use
  • Payment Plan Offered 
  • Built in underwater light for cool aesthetics


  • 120V/60 HZ power supply on 15A circuit is required
  • 1-year warranty only

My Thoughts:

“Inergize Cold Plunge Tub” – a great tub accompanied by some fantastic benefits.

I love that it includes the tub itself, a convenient duffle carry bag, quick-connect hoses, top cover, and an action hand pump,  without an additional fee.

You’ll find it effortless to set up (within just 15 minutes). I also like the app-controlled functionality, granting you personalized control over your plunge experience.

Designed to cater to both indoor or outdoor use, the tub is a versatile addition to any space, enabling you to take a plunge wherever you want.

For those who appreciate the attention to detail, the “Inergize Cold Plunge Tub” comes equipped with an underwater light feature, creating a cool and captivating ambiance that elevates your plunge session to a whole new level.

However, it’s essential to note that this tub requires a 120V/60 HZ power supply on a 15A circuit and that the warranty is limited to one year.

This tub is crafted with care to meet high-quality standards and is definitely the best portable tub.

Renu Cold Therapy tub
Credit: Renutherapy.com

The Specifics:

  • Dimensions for tub -L 70” x W 33” x H 35″
  • Price -$9,699.99
  • Shipping time – 6-10 weeks (Free US shipping)
  • Warranty – 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Coldest temperature – 36 degrees fahrenheit
  • Electrical Requirements: Standard 110 Volt


  • Includes Step Stool, Insulated Lid, Integrated Chiller
  • Advanced Filtration 
  • Customizable designs
  • Good aesthetics and durable material
  • Outdoor or indoor use
  • US Made



  • Dry Weight: 350 pounds and Filled Weight 1,145 lbs (not portable)

  • Pricier option

My Thoughts:

With this tub, you can count on a 5-Year Limited Warranty, offering a sense of security and assurance in your purchase. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of Free US shipping.

Additionally, setting it up is a breeze, which we can all love and appreciate. With standard electrical requirements of 110 volts, you don’t have to worry about buying any weird cables or adaptors.

However, it’s essential to consider some drawbacks too. The tub comes with a sturdy build, boasting a dry weight of 350 pounds and a Filled Weight of 1,145 lbs. While this provides stability, it also means this tub isn’t designed for easy portability.

Additionally, it’s essential to factor in the price. The Renu Therapy Cold Stoic 2.0 offers impressive features, but it does come with a higher price tag compared to some other options in the market. Ultimately, decide if it aligns with your preferences and requirements for a fulfilling cold plunge experience.

The Plunge pro White Cold plunge tub
Credit: Plunge.com

The Specifics:

  • Dimensions for tub – 67 L x 31.5 Hx 24 w inches; 73 x 32.5 x 27 inches (XL model)
  • Price -$4,990+
  • Shipping time – 2-3 weeks (Free US shipping)
  • Warranty – 1 Year warranty
  • Coldest temperature – 39°F
  • Electrical Requirements: Standard 110V outlet


  • Premium option
  • Incredible craftsmanship
  • High-quality materials
  • Outdoor and inside use
  • Under-water light for aesthetics
  • Cell phone holder
  • Cover included
  • In-home delivery
  • Insulated spa cover


  • Not portable

  • Only 1-year warranty

My Favorites:

The Cold Plunge Cold Plunge Tub.

Being Huberman’s favorite, The Cold Plunge is one of the more popular brands out there. Crafted with precision and using high-quality materials, this plunge pool stands as the premium option for both outdoor and indoor use.

It has underwater lights that enhance the aesthetics and for your convenience, a cell phone holder is thoughtfully included, which is great to distract yourself from the cold water, especially if you are a beginner.

While it offers exceptional benefits, there are a couple of cons to consider. It’s worth noting that this plunge tub pro isn’t portable. Additionally, the 1-year warranty may be a deal-breaker for some.

In terms of dimensions, you have options: the standard tub measures 67″ L x 31.5″ H x 24″ W inches, while the XL model measures 73″ x 32.5″ x 27″ inches – the perfect fit for your specific needs. I love that it offers free US shipping and is delivered straight to your home. 

So, if you crave the ultimate cold plunge experience with top-notch craftsmanship and premium features, check this plunge tub out!

8. Dual Odin Ice Bath- Best For Two People

Wood cold plunge tub on beach
Credit: Odinplunge.com

The Specifics:

  • Dimensions for the tub – Original Lite Interior – 47.2 L × 31.5 W × 23.6 H
  • Price -$12,000
  • Shipping time – 10-12 weeks 
  • Warranty -3 years on the working components and 5 years on the cosmetic parts
  • Coolest temperature – 32°F
  • Electrical Requirements: Standard 110V outlet


  • Premium option
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Fits two individuals
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Great warranty
  • Custom insulated lid included


  • Pricey

My Thoughts:

You can now have the “I’ll do it if you do it mentality before hopping into a cold plunge.

Crafted with precision, this ice bath boasts an Original Lite Interior measuring 47.2″ L × 31.5″ W × 23.6″ H, providing ample space for two people to experience the plunge together!

With a warranty of 3 years on the working components and an impressive 5 years on the cosmetic parts, you can rest assured that the Dual Odin Ice Bath will give you your money’s worth!

Plus, its electrical requirements are as straightforward as a standard 110V outlet, making it convenient for indoor or outdoor use, depending on your mood and preference.

To add to its appeal, a custom insulated lid is included, ensuring the water stays cool for longer.

Now, it’s important to mention that the Dual Odin Ice Bath falls under the pricier range. However, for those who value top-tier craftsmanship, ample space for two, and an excellent warranty, this investment is well worth it.

9. Polar Monkey Inflatable – Best Inflatable Tub (Runner Up)

White inflatable cold plunge tub
Credit: Polarmonkeys.com

The Specifics:

  • Dimensions for tub – 53.3” L x 31.5” W x 24” H
  • Price -$2,690.00
  • Shipping time – 8-10 weeks 
  • Warranty – 1 Year warranty
  • Coolest temperature – 39 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Electrical Requirements: N/A


  • Pump and tub cover included
  • Great filtration and water chiller
  • It can be hot and cold (39°F-102°F )
  • Phone temperature-control
  • Portable
  • Payment plans available


  • 1-year warranty only
  • Sanitation kit not included

My Thoughts:

Introducing the Polar Monkey Inflatable – your second-best inflatable tub option for a fantastic hot and cold therapy experience.

This is one of the inflatable tubs tub that comes fully equipped with a pump and tub cover, making setup a breeze. Not to mention, its superior filtration system and efficient water chiller ensure a refreshing and clean plunge every time.

The Polar Monkey Inflatable takes versatility to the next level, offering both hot and cold therapy options with a temperature range from 39°F to 102°F. 

Portability is key, and the Polar Monkey Inflatable doesn’t disappoint. Move it anywhere you desire – from indoors to outdoors – and enjoy your hot and cold plunges with convenience. 

Of course, like any product, there are some cons to consider. The warranty is limited to just one year, which may leave some wanting more long-term coverage. Additionally, a sanitation kit is not included, so you will haven’t to invest in one separately.

Wooden Hot and cold tub
Credit: Forestcooperage.com

The Specifics:

  • Dimensions- 45″ L x 33″ W x 31″ H
  • Price -$3,230
  • Shipping time – 4-10 weeks (Varies on region)
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Coldest temperature – 39°F
  • Electrical Requirements: 120-volt power


  • Wifi control available
  • Hot or cold
  • Great smell and aesthetics from fresh cedar wood
  • Has Backrest 
  • Comes with a vinyl cover included
  • Customizable 
  • Great warranty


  • Addons for an additional cost
  • You would need to purchase a separate cooler
  • No payment plans clearly stated

My Thoughts:

Forest Cooperage Cedar Soak Tub – the best multi-use tub that combines luxury, functionality, and aesthetics for a fair price.

It is generously sized at 45″ L x 33″ W x 31″ H, this tub provides ample space for you to unwind in comfort. Crafted from fresh cedar wood, it not only looks great but smells awesome as well.

The Forest Cooperage Cedar Soak Tub caters to your preferences effortlessly, offering both hot and cold soaking options. Plus, with the convenience of Wifi control, you can adjust the temperature just the way you like it, right from your fingertips.

And that’s not all – the Forest Cooperage Cedar Soak Tub is entirely customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific preferences and style.

While the Forest Cooperage Cedar Soak Tub boasts numerous pros, it’s essential to consider the cons as well. Additional features and add-ons come at an extra cost, so be mindful of your choices to avoid extra expenses. To keep the water cold, you would need to invest in a separate cooler, which is another consideration.

While the tub offers a fantastic warranty, payment plans are not clearly stated, so you may want to reach out to the seller to explore available options.

11. Alaskan Yukon Cold Plunge Tub -Best for Small Spaces 

Alaskan Wooden Cold plunge tub
Credit: Redwoodoutdoors.com

The Specifics:

  • Dimensions- 37 ¾” L x 37 ¾” W x 46” H
  • Price -$4,699
  • Shipping time – 12-14 weeks 
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Coldest temperature – 37°F
  • Electrical Requirements: 110V 60Hz (compatible with US household outlets)


  • Great for compact spaces
  • Remote smartphone compatibility 
  • Thermowood imparts a charming, rustic appearance while ensuring optimal water temperature retention through effective insulation.
  • Easy setup



  • The space-saving design may make it a little tight for taller individuals. 

  • You have to assemble the cold plunge yourself.

My Thoughts:

The Alaskan Yukon cold plunge tub is the best option for small spaces! If you’ve been looking for a cold plunge that fits snugly in compact areas, this is the one for you. With dimensions of 37 ¾” L x 37 ¾” W x 46” H, it’s perfectly designed to maximize space without compromising on functionality.

What sets the Alaskan Cold Plunge apart is its remote smartphone compatibility, making it a breeze to control and monitor the water temperature from the convenience of your phone.

The use of Thermowood not only adds a charming rustic touch but also ensures cold water temperature retention for days. You can definitely say it has effective insulation.

While the Alaskan Cold Plunge comes with numerous benefits, note that assembly is required, so you’ll need to put it together yourself. Another con is that taller individuals might find it a little tight due to its space-saving design.

But, with its smart design, remote smartphone compatibility, and efficient insulation, the Alaskan Cold Plunge is a great option for those with limited space and who don’t mind assembling the tub!

12. The Plunge Pro XL-  Best For Tall Users

White ice bath tub
Credit: Plunge.com

The Specifics:

  • Dimensions- 31” L x 31” W x 31” H
  • Price -$6,990 USD
  • Shipping time – 2-3 weeks 
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Coldest temperature – 39°F
  • Electrical Requirements: Uses Regular 110v Outlet + 20 amp dedicated breaker


  • No plumbing required
  • 24/7 circulation
  • Good for 6’+ users
  • Fully Insulated
  • Easy plug and plunge setup
  • Durable
  • It comes with a phone holder and in-home delivery
  • Inside/outside use 



  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Not portable

My Thoughts:

Attention all tall cold plungers. If you are ready to start cold water immersion in comfort, this tub is made for you!

With dimensions of 31″ L x 31″ W x 31″ H, the Plunge Pro XL offers ample space for a truly comfortable plunge. 

The Plunge Pro XL has a 1-year warranty, providing some assurance, but I wish it could be longer.

On the upside, you won’t need any plumbing, and its 24/7 circulation ensures consistently cool temperatures, bottoming out at a refreshing 39 degrees fahrenheit. Plus, it’s super easy to set up – just plug and plunge! With electrical requirements as straightforward as a regular 110v outlet and a 20 amp dedicated breaker, you won’t need to worry about any complicated setups.

Tailored for taller users, standing at 6′ or above, this plunge tub ensures everyone can enjoy the benefits it offers. Fully insulated and built to last, the Plunge Pro XL is a durable option.

It’s the little things that count, and the Plunge Pro XL doesn’t disappoint – it comes with a phone holder for entertainment while you chill.

On top of that, it offers in-home delivery, adding to the convenience of owning this top-of-the-line plunge tub. Plus, you’re free to use it both inside and outside, giving you the flexibility to choose your ideal setting.

It’s worth noting that this is not the most portable option out there. So, if portability is a priority, it may not be the best choice for you. 

How I Chose The Best Cold Plunge Tub: Buyer’s Guide

I was able to choose  the best cold plunge tubs by comparing the pros, cons, features, and benefits of 30+ options on the market.

I got the data from various different sources: personal experience, company reputation, family & friend’s feedback, reviews, and extensive research.

I then compared buying factors such as price, materials, size, warranty, and features.

Taking into consideration different circumstances, preferences, and needs when selecting the best cold plunge pool.

The hope is that everyone can find a cold plunge tub that suits their specific needs and requirements.

Woman in white cold tub

What Are Things I Should Consider Before Purchasing A Tub?


Look, we aren’t all Joe Rogan or Dr. Huberman, so price is a consideration for most buyers. How can you get the most bang for your buck without compromising on the other aspects? Before looking into a purchase I would set a budget. That way you already have parameters and guidelines to go off of when selecting the tub.

Temperature Control:

Temperature is key.

For example, if a tub can go hot and cold, you are getting the best of both worlds. I would recommend going for a tub that can no only easily reach cold temperatures-but also maintain them.


Size and weight are also important. Where do you want to fit it? Is it portable? Does it take several people to move? 

All things to consider.


The material is essential to take note of. Some are more durable, others have specific cleaning requirements, temperatures that have to be maintained. 

Consider where you are planning on using the tub (Inside or outside), determine the care time you are willing to dedicate to cleaning, and choose the material that fits those requirements.

The Features:

While these ice baths share some common traits, they each have unique features that make them stand out.

Do you want insulation, a bonus filter or a built-in seat? Today’s tubs offer all kinds of enhancements. By calling out the most useful perks of each model, I aimed to highlight what makes them noteworthy so you can decide what matters most and find your ideal match.

It comes down to individual preferences – if certain features appeal to you, you may prefer that “Best” pick.

My goal was to showcase the distinctive strengths of each tub to help you discover the one that aligns with your wishes. 


Warranties are important as they back up your purchase. I love seeing a longer warranty without a ton of fine print. This implies that they believe in their product and customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Rate:

When reviewing products, I’m mindful that everyone has their own unique needs and preferences. What someone loves may disappoint another. However, by analyzing customer reviews and feedback, I’m able to identify products that satisfy most people, even with our varying tastes.

The items I recommend have been vetted to ensure they consistently perform well and deliver on their promises for the majority of purchasers.  My aim is not to find a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather to do the research to recommend solid options that have brought happiness to many customers with needs like yours.

Long Story Short:

These are my favorite cold plunge tubs! I chose on tub from three different price ranges. They all have different benefits and features suited for distinct preferences. 



As always, I encourage you to conduct your own research and explore various ice bath reviews before making a decision. While I’ve provided, what I believe to be, the best cold plunge tubs for home use, the market offers a wide array of options to choose from.

My goal is to save you time, simplify the online buying process for you, and provide you with the best info, but I acknowledge that your preferences may differ.

Cold Plunge Tub FAQ:

What are the benefits of a cold plunge?

Because cold water therapy has so many physical and mental health benefits, we can’t cover them all here.

But, here is a quick overview of the positive impact cold plunging can have:

  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Improve circulation
  • Boost immune function
  • Speed up recovery
  • Improve mental clarity and mental health.
  • Decrease inflammation 
  • Improve metabolic function (could aid weight loss)

How long should I stay in a cold plunge?

It is recommended to start with short sessions of about 2-5 minutes and gradually increase the time as your body becomes accustomed to the cold. Most people find 10-15 minutes to be an optimal duration.

Can I use a cold plunge tub indoors and outdoors?

Yes, many cold plunge tubs are designed for indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cold therapy wherever you prefer. It is important to double-check with your specific product.

How do I set up a cold plunge tub?

Setting up a cold plunge tub usually doesn’t involve filling the tub with ice. Some tubs may require assembly, while others are ready to use out of the box.

Although it varies on the specific design of your tub, usually you simply fill it up with normal water and set the desired temperature through your phone or a panel.

How often should I take a cold plunge?

The frequency of cold plunges can vary depending on individual preferences and goals. Some people prefer to take a cold plunge daily, while others opt for a few times a week. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

If your goal is to build muscle, it’s best not to do it post-workout.

How do cold plunge tubs work to provide the benefits of extreme temperature immersion?

Cold plunge tubs use a standard deep immersion design to allow users to experience the benefits of very cold water, usually between 35-55°F. This extreme cold temperature triggers the body’s natural response to stimulate circulation and provide an endorphin rush.

When referring to an optimized cold plunge “plug and plunge” refers to the ability to simply plug in the tub, fill it rapidly with cold water in just minutes, take the rejuvenating plunge, and then drain it afterwards. The fast filtration system enables convenient at-home use. By using chilled water instead of ice, cold plunge tubs allow for full body immersion to maximize the effects of the extreme temperatures. The easy plug and plunge functionality makes it simple to enjoy these benefits.

About the Author, Sophia Victoria
About the Author, Sophia Victoria

Sophi is a health, wellness, and lifestyle blogger who uses, research, and tests products and theories to help others improve their mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. With her own eating disorder journey, regulating her hormones, and working with 10+ nutritionists, she deeply understands the health and wellness. Sophi is also well-knowledged in self-development and committed to sharing her knowledge, experience, and expertise with her readers.

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