Blue Cube Ice Bath Review: Read Before You Buy [2024]

$17,000 – not the price of a used car, but the cost of a cold plunge tub.

Yes, you heard that right. Ice baths, cold plunges, and cold therapy are gaining popularity- no doubt about it.

But 17k seems excessive, right?

How can a tub filled with water cost thousands of dollars?

Well, this isn’t just any tub filled with water; it’s a Blue Cube product.

Highlighted by the New York Times, Andrew Huberman, and Joe Rogan, Blue Cube Ice baths have started to take their place as some of the best ice baths out there. But why? And why would anyone ever pay that?

Are they truly worth the investment, or is it just another over-priced trend, and why the heck are some people actually purchasing them?

Lets dive in to this Blue Cube review and find out.

Wooden Blue cube Cold Plunge Tub

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Blue Cube Ice Bath- Overview:



  • Quality materials: Made in the US specifically for you, high-quality stainless steel and the finest hickory wood.
  • Customizable: The tubs offer a range of add-ons available and multiple sizes and features to choose from.
  • Indoor/outdoor use: Some tubs are limited to either inside or outside use whereas the blue cube is designed for both.
  • One of the best chilling and filtration systems in the market: Top of the line water chiller, ozone filtration, simple way to drain the water, and  amazing circulation system.
  • Low-maintenance: Optimized to create a great experience without having to hassle. 
  • Fully Assembled: The tub arrives ready to go.
  • No addition of Ice required.
  • Easily accessible (28.5 – inch height): Designed for residential use so anyone can use.
  • Pricier: The tubs can range from 9-20k
  • Size and portability: Water weighs roughly 8 lbs per gallon. Some BlueCubes hold as much as 120+ gallons, if not substantially more (multi-seaters and stand-up units).
  • Shipping Fee: There is an additional 1-2k fee for curbside delivery

Why Blue Cube Ice Bath?

Picture of blue cube ice bath. Blue background with text saying "Why Blue Cube?"

Live Video Support:

First. Blue Cube offers live video support.

Yup! So if you are struggling with the tub settings or run into any issues, you will have someone that can help you out 24/7. You won’t get ghosted or have to be waiting on the phone for an hour listening to elevator music.

The team is available round the clock to guide you through the entire process.

No more frantically looking at YouTube videos and trying to figure out what is wrong or how to solve your own technical problems. No matter the time, they are just a video call away, ready to provide personalized assistance and make sure you can really enjoy your Blue Cube tub. 

As a non-tech savvy girl myself, I personally really appreciate this benefit.

Easy Maintenance:

Because of the high quality filters and chemical free filtration system these plunge pools have been designed to be “low-maintenance.”

With a 20-micron filter, ozone filtration, and ergonomic design, cleaning on your end is basically non-existent. 

It also has 24/7 water circulation and flow, which keeps the cold tub water clean and ready for use whenever you need it.

The drain system is also well thought-out, simple to use, and extremely easy to drain water out. It’s literally a plug at the bottom end of the tub.

The cooling system it has is ,honestly, the cherry on top.

The system ensures the water stays cold for 25+ consecutive baths. Making it great for residential or commercial use. Imagine taking 25 consecutive plunges and not having to worry about a thing (Heaven).

It’s energy efficient design, easy temperature control system, and short setup times makes it one of the best tubs in the market. 

Basically everything you need for an amazing ice bath experience.

Customer Support:

On top of the live video support, long warranty, and 30-day money-back guarantee, Blue Cube is known for its outstanding customer service which clients love.

If you go to their site, you will see people rave about the customer service. They work with a ton of popular spas and gyms.


Ok, so I’m sure most of you athletes and fitness enthusiasts  or really anyone who doesn’t live under a rock have heard of Joe Rogan (Ignore this statement if you haven’t).

On a podcast episode, he and Andrew Huberman talked about their Blue Cube cold plunge tubs, how they preferred it over other cold plunges.

They specifically suggest cold therapy, and sauna routine mixed together . In a tweet, Joe Rogan even gave the brand a five-star review!

This man has over 5 million listeners per episode… you really think he would just promote anything?

As celebrity-backed endorsements go, this collaboration between Huberman and Joe Rogan strengthens the credibility and reputation of Blue Cube cold plunge tubs in the fitness community.

Again, why would endorse or promote a products that could ruin their reputation?

It wouldn’t be worth it, would it? Exactly. 

Blue Cube Ice Bath Models:

1. CoreChill Cold Plunge:

Core chill gray Blue cube Cold plunge tub in patio


  • Cools to 36°- 70° degrees
  • 1 horsepower chilling motor 
  • 3/4 horsepower jet pump 
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 V 20 Amp GFCI Dedicated Outlet
  • Dimensions (Total Footprint): (LWH) 95″ x 39″ x 29″ 
  • Price: $17,999.99

Best Overall: The Core Chill from BlueCube is one of their most affordable cold plunge tub models.

With its glossy, curved exterior, the Core Chill will look right at home on your patio or in your backyard.

Its sleek design is far from the chunky, dull tubs you often see.

The water temperature range makes it perfect for your average Saturday morning cold plunges. Go as low as 36 degrees for an invigorating jolt or up to 70 degrees.

For one of the most budget-friendly (budget-friendly for BlueCube) cold tubs that still impresses with its modern aesthetic and customization options, the Core Chill from BlueCube is a top choice.

2. Mini-me Cold Plunge (Currently Not Available):

Mini-me Bluecube cold plunge tub, shot from arial view


  • Cools to 36°- 70° degrees
  • 3/4 horsepower jet pump 
  • 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Tub
  • Hickory, padauk, wenge wood deck
  • Birch plywood sides
  • Spa Cover Included (insulative, 3-year warranty)
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 V 20 Amp GFCI Dedicated Outlet
  • Dimensions (Total Footprint): ((LWH) 83″ x 39″ x 29″ 
  • Price: $17,999.99

Best For:

Home sauna, pool, spa, and gym: Since this tub can be used for 25 immersion sessions in a row, it is great for commercial use.

I recommend it for home use because of its self-contained structure.

Meaning it takes up less space. It is ideal to use the tub for individual and private ice bath experiences.

This is also one of the more affordable options Blue Cube has to offer.

The Blue Cube Mini-Me is currently not for sale on the official website. A good alternative would be the CoreChill Model for a similar Price point.

3. In-Line 60 Cold Plunge:

Blue cube Ice bath wood modular systems


  • Accommodate users up to 6’6″ and 275+ lbs
  • 3/4 horsepower jet pump 
  • 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Tub
  • Hickory, padauk, wenge wood deck
  • Birch plywood sides
  • Custom engraved logo
  • Cools to 36°- 70° degrees
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 V 20 Amp GFCI Dedicated Outlet
  • Dimensions (Total Footprint): (LWH) 95″ x 39″ x 29″  
  • 9+ Options of wood to customize your tub’s trim
  • Price: $24,999.99

Best For:

Larger individuals/body-building gyms: Blue cube ice baths comes with a range of different designs. This is by far the best for taller individuals.

Since its build is made to fit larger individuals, it is great for sports teams, body-building gyms, and even people who just prefer the extra wiggle room.  

It’s also great for commercial gyms due to all of the customization options! From custom engraved logo to multiple material options, In-line is the way to go!

That being said, if you are looking for a tub that fits in smaller places, The In-Line cold plunge is not your best bet.

4. Blue Cube Malibu Cold Plunge:

Malibu cold plunge tub


  • 1 horsepower chilling motor (runs 24 7)
  • 3/4 horsepower jet pump 
  • 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Tub
  • Hickory, padauk, wenge wood deck
  • Birch plywood sides
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 V 20 Amp GFCI Dedicated Outlet
  • Dimensions (Total Footprint): Malibu 66: (LWH) 73″ x 49″ x 29″
    Malibu 72: (LWH)  79″ x 49″ x 29″
  • 3 Flow-rate Settings 
  • Hydro-jets
  • Price: $26,999.99

Best for advances users: This tub is one of the pricier ones Blue Cube offers. It is ideal for those who have the budget value aesthetics, and intensity. 

Due to these tubs being hand-crafted, they can sometimes have a more “home-made” look. This one is definitely the exception. 

It has a beautiful polish and you can choose a custom deck, trim, and frame.

It has three “flow settings” and is the only cold plunge on the market that includes Hydro-Jets. These features increase the intensity of your cold therapy session and can provide more benefits to advanced users!

5. BlueMod (Cold Plunge Modular System):

Blue cube modular system


  • Three Sizes Available (60″, 66″, and 72″)
  • Unparalleled customization 
  • Tub Material: 304 Stainless steel 
  • Chilling Motor: Available in 1 HP and 1.5 HP 
  • Pump:  3/4 HP to 1.5 HP, along with a 1/16-1/15 HP chilling circulator
  • Plumbing: Choose from soft or hard pipe options to suit your installation preferences
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 V 20 Amp GFCI Dedicated Outlet
  • Dimensions (Total Footprint): 66″ Tub Frame: (LWH) 73.5″ x 31.50″ x 25.5″ 
  • Price: $22,999.99 (for the 1 to 1)

Best For:

Spas/Gyms/Hotels: This modular system is specifically designed for commercial use and extensive customization. It can literally be cleaned from 60 feet away! 

You can also select to have 1 to 3 cold plunges attached to the chiller and have 4 different colors to choose from!

So, these are perfect if you are looking to tailor for specific customer needs.  

Note: Use Code “SOPHIV” for $250 off

Blue Cube Ice Bath Review (2023):

Out of all the ice bath cold plunge tubs available for sale, the Blue Cube Ice Bath stands out from most its competitors. 

From its top-of-the-line steel and hickory wood materials, which give it a great look and experience to the three different timbers in the surrounding platform, this tub is carefully and thoughtfully designed.

These materials are not only hard to find, but also extremely durable- aka get your moneys worth.

I also love the 5-year warranty and outstanding customer support that follow its reputation. These benefits all demonstrate customer satisfaction and support, which are key to making a purchasing decision.

Given they assemble your personal tub as soon as you order it, are extremely  low-maintenance , and use expensive and one-of-a-kind components, it does explain the higher price. 

I’d actually be sketched out if it was a cheap cold plunge.

Cold plunge with a crown on it

So, here are my thoughts.

It comes down to individual preferences!

If you are using it for residential use, it would definitely be worth the investment.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more low-key option to use at home, you may want to consider other tubs in the market.

So, if you’re really serious about investing in your wellness journey and have the budget necessary, the Blue Cube Ice Bath is an excellent  choice and investment in your health.

They offer different tailored models (from the Malibu ice bath to the blue cube mini-me) to meet specific needs.

However, if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly but still of great quality, you might want to consider something like the Edge Theory cold plunge tub or an individual ice barrel.

The Final Verdict:

Combing all the factors from like reputable reviews, great customer service, amazing quality, custom-made and tailored, highly optimized functions, this is the final verdict:

4 and a half yellow stars

The reason I don’t give it a 5-star review (sorry to Joe Rogan) is because of the price factor we discussed. I would also love them to create a portable option.

Even with the payment plan, this isn’t a tub everyone may be open to purchasing. So, is the cold plunge worth the money? Yes.

Cold it be more affordable? Maybe.

But I believe it would be hard to maintain the high quality and standard they currently have going for them.

If you have the budget, value quality, and are committed to adding cold exposure therapy to your routine, the bluecube ice bath may be a great bet.

It would end up being cheaper then purchasing a membership at a wellness center.

If you are looking for lower-priced ways to still get the benefits of cold water therapy, you may want to consider purchasing an ice barrel or creating your own DIY cold tub at home! 

Whatever way you decide to go about it, all that matters is that you find what works best for you and your individual needs. 

You ready to take the cold plunge to a whole new level?

Blue Cube FAQ:

Girl cold plunging in ice water

Can I use the Blue Cube Ice Bath outdoors?

Yes, the Blue Cube Ice Bath is suitable for outdoor use. It is designed to withstand various weather conditions. Plus it has a 1 year to 5 year warranty (depending on the parts.)

How long should I stay in the Blue Cube Ice Bath?

The duration of the cold water immersion therapy session in the Blue Cube Ice Bath can vary. It is recommended to start with short intervals (e.g., 1-3 minutes) and gradually increase the time as your body adapts to the cold.

How cold does the water in an ice bath tub get?

The temperature of the water in an ice bath tub can vary, but it is typically between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 15 degrees Celsius).

The bluecube ice bath specifically ranges from 36-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I take an ice bath even if I have underlying health conditions?

No, it is important to speak to someone (health care professional) and determine your specific situation. They can provide guidance on whether it is safe for you and if any precautions need to be taken.

It is recommended to avoid cold water immersion if you are pregnant, struggle with hypertension, cardiovascular or respiratory  complications, and nerve diseases. 

Are there any benefits to cold plunging?

What are the possible health benefits of brief cold immersion? While research is ongoing, these are some of the benefits:

  • Reduced muscle soreness – Cold may help numb and minimize inflammation from intense training when used for recovery.
  • Immunity boost – Frequent short plunges could potentially enhance the immune system over time and increase red and white blood cells.
  • Improved mood – The cold shock may release feel-good endorphins that enhance well-being.
  • Increased alertness – cold therapy also activates the sympathetic nervous system, which plays an essential role in hormone-releasing processes.
  • Increased metabolism – The body activates thermogenesis when exposed to cooler temperatures, which burns calories.
  • Activate cold shock proteins – Brief cold stress triggers the release of these protective proteins.

Incorporating cold water immersion into your routine offers a ton of benefits mentally and physically. Just be sure to consult your doctor and build up tolerance slowly when beginning cold therapy.

Can an ice bath tub be used as a form of therapy?

Yes, an ice bathtub can be used as a form of therapy, specifically cold water therapy. This therapy involves immersing the body in cold water to elicit a physiological response that can promote healing and overall well-being.

Other options include cold showers, ice bath tubs, cold plunges, and ice barrels.

About the Author, Sophia Victoria
About the Author, Sophia Victoria

Sophi is a health, wellness, and lifestyle blogger who uses, research, and tests products and theories to help others improve their mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. With her own eating disorder journey, regulating her hormones, and working with 10+ nutritionists, she deeply understands the health and wellness. Sophi is also well-knowledged in self-development and committed to sharing her knowledge, experience, and expertise with her readers.

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