Why Wear a Sauna Hat? (What Are They + Do They Work?)

Why wear a sauna hat?

Is there even a purpose behind them? Plus, they look kind of… silly, no?

That’s what I asked myself a couple of months ago. So I did A LOT of research.

Turn out, there are actually several reasons why you should wear them. Yes- even if you look a little odd.

Let’s get into the article so I can share the exact reasons why!

Key Takeaways

  1. Sauna hats protect your head from intense heat and help prevent overheating, dizziness, and headaches.
  2. They shield your hair and scalp from damage caused by dryness and heat, keeping hair healthy.
  3. Sauna hats reduce excessive sweating on your head and face for more comfort.
  4. They protect delicate facial skin and ears from drying out or burning in the sauna.
  5. Wearing a sauna hat allows you to stay in the sauna longer and optimize your session by regulating head temperature.

Why Wear a Sauna Hat?

1. Protection

Many people wonder, why even wear a hat in the sauna? 

One of the main reasons is protection.

Your head is most exposed when you are in the sauna. For the rest of your body you can use certain attire, sauna suits, towels, etc. 

Besides, your head heats up faster than the rest of the body and is extremely sensitive. But wearing a hat protected by felt or wool shields your head from intense heat.

With a sauna cap, the material acts as a buffer between your head and the high temperatures. This allows you to remain longer in the heat without feeling dizzy or getting a headache from the intense temperature. 

2. Hair and Scalp Health

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Another reason people wear a hat in the sauna is to protect their hair (very important) and scalp.

The intense heat from the sauna can cause hair to get excessively dry and brittle. Prolonged exposure may even damage hair follicles and contribute to thinning and hair loss over time. Wearing a hat prevents your hair from being damaged by the heat.

To me, this reason alone is enough for me to look a little dumb while wearing the hat. You will not catch me with dry and brittle hair. 

The hat acts as a shield, keeping the hot air from dehydrating your hair. For those concerned about hair being damaged by heat during sauna use (aka, me), bringing a hat is a simple solution.

Overall, a sauna hat preserves moisture in your hair and prevents your hair from being damaged. 

3. Reduce Sweating 

A sauna hat can also help reduce excessive sweating. Isn’t that kind of counterintuitive? You want to sweat, right?

Well, yes. Just not your head.

When you sweat heavily, especially on the head it can be super unconformable and also cause breakouts and clogged pores. But wearing a hat prevents your head from overheating and producing additional sweat.

The hat acts as a barrier from direct heat, while the absorbent fabric wicks away moisture. This keeps your head cooler and controls sweating. Less heat reaching your head means less stimulation of the sweat glands.

By moderating the temperature around your head, a sauna hat reduces unnecessary sweating beyond what your body needs to cool down. 

4. Improve Skin Health 

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Sauna hats also protect the delicate skin on your head and ears. The high heat from the sauna can dry out facial skin, cause flaking, and irritate the scalp. Covering your head shields vulnerable areas like your face, ears, and neck.

This prevents moisture loss that can degrade collagen and elastin in the skin over time. Using a sauna cap may even help combat acne by controlling sweat and keeping pores clear.

Hats also protect sensitive ear skin from burning. They moderate the temperature around the ears and head to insulate your skin from harsh conditions. Overall, wearing a sauna hat preserves hydration and protects thin dermal areas for improved skin health.

5. Optimize Sauna Session

Many people can barely make it a few minutes in the sauna before overheating and having to leave. But this is where the sauna hat comes in – it helps optimize your session so you can remain longer in the sauna.

Without a hat, the intense heat can quickly cause dizziness, headaches, and discomfort. However, donning a sauna hat allows you to stay in the hot room longer by keeping your head cooler. The hat absorbs sweat and moderates your body temperature so you avoid getting overheated too quickly.

Rather than cutting your sauna time short, add a heat-resistant that enables you to optimize the experience.

By minimizing discomfort and regulating your head’s environment, a quality sauna cap allows you to enjoy the full benefits of sauna use for longer periods.

How Does a Sauna Hat Work?

A sauna hat creates a barrier between the head and the hot sauna air. This prevents direct heat and steam from reaching the hair and scalp.

By regulating temperature, moisture, and ventilation, a sauna hat keeps the head comfortable and protected. The user can enjoy longer sauna sessions without the risk of overheating, dehydration, or discomfort.

The hat serves as a microclimate buffer for an optimized sauna experience.

So, Do You Need a Sauna Hat?

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When it comes to wearing a wool hat in a sauna, I think the benefits of using one make it a smart move. A sauna hat protects your head and hair by controlling sweat and heat. It helps you stay in longer and optimize the experience by preventing overheating issues like dizziness.

While unusual at first, donning a heat-resistant cap during your sauna session allows you to fully enjoy the heat. The hat helps moderate the climate around your head so you can reap all the benefits. Give it a try next time you hit the hot room and see if keeping your head cool makes a difference.

It may just become your new go-to sauna accessory… once you get used to the look!

Why Use a Sauna Hat: FAQ

Where can I buy a sauna hat?

You can buy a sauna hat from various online retailers, specialty sauna accessory stores, or even traditional sauna accessory shops. Sauna hats made of wool or felt are popular among sauna enthusiasts and are often available in different styles and materials.

What are traditional sauna hats made of?

Traditional sauna hats are often made of wool or felt, as these materials are known for their ability to keep your head cool and dry. Linen sauna hats are also used in some traditional sauna rituals and are valued for their cooling properties.

Do sauna hats also help keep your head cool?

Yes, sauna hats are designed to help keep your head cool by regulating the heat and sweat during a sauna session. Wearing a sauna hat allows you to stay in the sauna for longer and feel more comfortable compared to not wearing one.

How do sauna hats protect your head during a sauna session?

Sauna hats protect your head by preventing it from getting excessively hot and by keeping it cool and dry. They help regulate the heat and sweat around your head, allowing you to enjoy the sauna for a longer period without feeling uncomfortable or overheated.

Can a sauna hat also help protect the rest of my body?

While sauna hats primarily focus on keeping your head cool and dry, they also indirectly contribute to your overall comfort by preventing overheating. By maintaining a comfortable temperature for your head, sauna hats support a more enjoyable sauna experience for the rest of your body as well.

About the Author, Sophia Victoria
About the Author, Sophia Victoria

Sophi is a health, wellness, and lifestyle blogger who uses, research, and tests products and theories to help others improve their mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. With her own eating disorder journey, regulating her hormones, and working with 10+ nutritionists, she deeply understands the health and wellness. Sophi is also well-knowledged in self-development and committed to sharing her knowledge, experience, and expertise with her readers.

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